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An Ode to Front-Page Literature
Something profound
about magnolias
and love and whatever
A stunning ode
to fluttery ghosts
Melancholy tales
of sexual orientation
and My Little Pony
something something creepy fetishes
smoky horses
family stories
sad poetry
:iconmazdi:Mazdi 1 5
A Summer Haiku
The sun shines too bright
I sweat my balls off - UH OH
Oh shit...IT'S SUMMER
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The Spark
He burned them all, every single one.
He hadn’t meant to, of course. They had simply gotten in his way. It wasn’t easy being a Fire Mage; Fire was not an easy thing to control. It was the most unwieldy of the elements, inclined to do what it pleased. Fire could be commanded, but only for so long. Eventually it would break the will of its master and go on a burning spree. Jacob tried to explain this to the villagers guarding the Earth Core, but they had not understood. He also tried to explain that he could not easily be harmed by their crude torches, but they still shoved Fire in his face, yelling insults and trying their best to turn him away.
What else could he do but let the Fire go?
Jacob recalled the stories his Grandpappy had told him when he was just a child. They were terribly intriguing stories about how Magic had come to exist on the planet. Humans were slowly destroying themselves, bit by bit and war by war. Pollution choked the sea and skies; blood sunk into the
:iconmazdi:Mazdi 6 4
I left my hometown in a cloud of dust
and a glance or two in my mirror
it did nothing to stop me
but now those old ghosts
do everything in their power
to call me back.
:iconmazdi:Mazdi 1 1
Full Metal CUTENESS by Mazdi Full Metal CUTENESS :iconmazdi:Mazdi 11 12 Full Metal CUTENESS by Mazdi Full Metal CUTENESS :iconmazdi:Mazdi 2 2

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The Old Man
The old man's wife passed away a few days ago.
He wouldn't like me writing it that way—a fan of George Carlin, the thought of 'soft words' tended to make him cringe; he would have preferred 'died' or 'shuffled off her mortal coil.' He said that second one plenty. Every few years now one of his friends shuffles off their mortal coil, and he always says it that way when he finds their name in the obituary. 'I guess Mavis shuffled off her mortal coil. A shame. She had the most wonderful rack as a young woman. Would've married her if I hadn't met Julia.'
The old man wasn't exactly politically correct. Come to think of it, he was a bit of a cantankerous old bastard with every imaginable bigotry—the 'self-hating Jew' routine was something he carried out very well. But with him you could always see the humor in his words. I once watched in awe as he told a joke that had the word 'nigger' in it at least three times to a table full of black men who could remember when they heard that
:iconsgtpossum:SgtPossum 330 158


I have been really inactive on DA lately (ever since my last journal entry) and I kind of miss it here.

The last month and a bit has been really tough on me, and I've been taking a lot of time to process things. I was fired from my job as a graphic designer and still haven't been able to find new work, due to the move my boyfriend is trying to make. Around the time I lost my job, my boyfriend decided he wanted to move up within his company and requested to be transferred to a different shop (he is a Service Advisor for a major tire company). The last month has pretty much been a whirlwind of town viewings, packing, and prayer. Ultimately I think we are going to wind up on Vancouver Island, which is pretty far from home and scares the crap out of me.

But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to finally move out of my comfort zone and try something new with the love of my life. I don't know what job opportunities await me on the other side...I feel like I may have to give up graphic design as a full-time career, which saddens me to no end. But my last experience in the industry really soured me against it and I'm willing to see what else is out there before I try it as a profession again.

On the bright side I did a logo for a major tattoo artist's shop here in my city... and he loved it so much, he plans on hiring me again :) I definitely intend on freelancing whenever I can.

Anyway... I probably won't have much internet access for at least a month starting in September, but I will be checking in whenever I can. Wish me luck........


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I like Asian food and beer. I don't take myself seriously. And I draw Link a lot because he's the best girly mute elf there ever was.



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Happy Birthday! :) :cake: :party:
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Hey, I'm just checking up to see how you're doing. Wondering if things are going well in life, how your situation is and everything. I miss seeing your stuff on my dash :)
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Happy Birthday! :) :cake: :party:
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